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Welcome to Paradise 


ACAJOU is a small, eco-friendly, family run hotel situated on the beautiful and dramatic northern Coast of Trinidad in a little fishing village called Grande Riviere. The hotel is built as a group of traditional cottages nestled in between the beach, a crystal clear river and lush rainforest covered mountains. 



The six unique cabins are influenced by Indonesian, Polynesian and Japanese architecture and made of local and imported woods, including bamboo.


At Acajou we do our best to provide the restaurant with locally grown vegetables and fruits, from our own garden or from the local farmers. 


Grab a surfboard and go for a rumble in the waves or, like David Attenborough, visit the natural habitat of the giant leatherback turtle.


Walk Barefoot

“This natural, unspoiled beach destination on the Trinidad North coast is one of the largest nesting sites for the Leatherback turtle in the Western Hemisphere and makes for an awe-inspiring eco-vacation that is difficult to surpass.”



Rest and Relax

“This was a haven for peace, tranquility and relaxation! All of the staff were fabulous, caring and attentive. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful location with beautiful grounds and wildlife all around.”



Explore Nature

“We were able to enjoy the amazing array of wildlife including a Mongoose and all sorts of birds and lizards. We also were very privileged to see the newly hatched turtles making their way into the sea from the beach just two minutes away. We will definitely come back!”



Eat Organic

“We strive to be self sufficient. It is gratifying to grow our own food. According to seasons and availability, most of the menu items are a result of our own garden, local farmers and fishermen put together by our Chef’s magic hands.”



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